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 Official clan server map

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PostSubject: Official clan server map   Official clan server map EmptyTue Jan 17, 2012 6:13 pm

Our clan seems to be unable to hold a single server for an extended period of time, which is disheartening for many reasons. To me the most annoying thing about losing a server is that all structures and effort put into that server are lost. So I think it would be a good idea to have an official map for the server, so that when a new person hosts they would use it. And when someone is no longer able to host they upload it so that our progress is not lost.

I have suggested this before, but i do not think I have ever created a thread for people to discuss the idea.

Also on a similar note; I and a few others believe that our clan would have fun playing on the skylands map, which many veteran minecrafters will remember. I was created before biomes and the nether were added so it is missing a few new items such as dungeon bricks and lapis, which would have to be added in (/give or some other way) but since the nether was never generated it will have the new netherfortresses. An idea that IA had with this was to make one section of the nether or the end into the meadow on the moon from MM. Please also comment on what you think of the idea of using skylands.

Official clan server map ZephyriphoenixBannre01
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Official clan server map
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