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 Hello! I'm Starblast16

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Hello! I'm Starblast16 Empty
PostSubject: Hello! I'm Starblast16   Hello! I'm Starblast16 EmptyMon Dec 03, 2012 1:42 pm

Hello! I am Starblast16. I am a huge fan of The Legend of Zelda! I have many games from the franchise, my favorite being Skyward Sword. I hope I can help the clan in any way I can! Personally, I think I'm the 2nd best Expert of the Legend of Zelda. My friend is #1 Expert! His whole family has played every game in the franchise!

I am very reliable when it comes to protecting my friends in-game. The same will be true for this clan.

I use mods on my MineCraft so inform me if I need to not use mods on the clan's server. Plus My MineCraft Version is 1.4.5 so if I need to downgrade, TELL ME!
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Hello! I'm Starblast16 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello! I'm Starblast16   Hello! I'm Starblast16 EmptyTue Dec 11, 2012 6:21 pm

Welcome Starblast! It's nice to meet another Zelda enthusiast.

While the clan has been rather slow lately, (Most likely because of all the new games that have been coming out and then there's Christmas around the corner...) I hope we pick up again soon.

As for mods I know the server has a few but I don't know much else because I haven't been played in awhile. (My computer doesn't like playing minecraft anymore.) But from what I remember I don't think it's a big deal.

The server version, again I'm not sure what version we're on because of aforementioned reason above. But if we're not up-to-date then it's probably _G_'s fault. cat

None the less, it good to have you here. Oh and you might want to create an account for our forums. Since you posted your application here as a guest you MIGHT have to re-post it with you account. But don't do that yet, it MIGHT also not be necessary.

Hello! I'm Starblast16 SotMSDeityBanner01e
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Hello! I'm Starblast16
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