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 Clan applications

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PostSubject: Clan applications   Clan applications EmptyThu Mar 14, 2013 9:36 pm

Post your applications as responses to this thread. You will be ranked by any one of the seven sages. If you have not been ranked for an extended period of time feel free to pester a sage through private messaging, or by mentioning it in another thread, but not this one. The current clan application is:

1) your In Game Name
2) Do you SWEAR you will not sell us out or grief?
3)Why do you want to join our clan?
4) why do you like zelda and what games do you own?
5) Age?(doesnt have to be answered if not comfortable)
6) On a scale of one to ten how active are you? (will not be denied based on this)

Feel free to add additional information about yourself if you wish. You do not need to have played many or any zelda games to join. Please be honest with how active you will be. If you say you will be active at 10, then when you disapear for a few weeks we will assume you quit. If you say you will be closer to 3 or 4 then extended abscences will be understood.

Clan applications ZephyriphoenixBannre01
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Clan applications
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