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 Application Format

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PostSubject: Application Format   Application Format EmptyThu Mar 14, 2013 10:17 pm

To apply to be a sage create your own thread with your username in the title and fill out the application in the op. If you wish to provide additional information feel free.

Current sage application format:
7 Sage Council application
(You may apply even if full, and your application will be considered when there is a vacancy)
(please be elaborate in your responses, many people can list correct answers few can explain in depth)
hint questions are not limited to OoT

1) What are the 7 sages?
2) What are the goddess's names and what is each the goddess of?
3) What types of sages are there (e.g. the fire sage)?
4) Which Sage would you like to be, and why?:

Application Format ZephyriphoenixBannre01
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Application Format
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