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Oops I forgot to make a new thread tongue here it is!
My Sage Application

1) The seven sages are guardians of Hyrule who live in the chamber of the sages. They have been known to seal the sacred realm, the twilight realm, etc. and to seal Ganon in realms (depends which zelda game). They were first introduced in A Link to the Past as the wise men. Their is one sage for each race or tribe aside from Rauru and Zelda who are both Hylians.The Seven Sages:

Rauru the Light Sage: Rauru is the first sage you meet as adult Link and the first sage that gives you a medallion. You meet him seven years (seven years, seven sages ) after Link grabs the master sword as a child at the chamber of the sages. He is the builder of the Temple of Time and according to the Hyrule Historia he took the form as Kaepora Gaebora to watch over child Link. He tells you to find the other sages and save Hyrule!

Saria the Forest Sage: Saria the Kokiri is the second sage you meet as adult Link and guardian of the Forest Temple. You meet her as adult Link at the Chamber of the Sages after you finish the forest Temple and she gives Link the Forest Medallion. She is Link's childhood friend and the only Kokiri that knows the truth about Link. Her favorite spot is the entrance to the Forest Temple where she plays her ocarina. She will talk to you if you play the song she teaches you. Saria will always be Link's friend.

Darunia the Fire Sage:Darunia the Goron is the third sage you meet as adult Link and guardian of the Gorons. Darunia is the leader of the Gorons and gives Link the Fire Medallion. Young Link helps him by opening Dodongos Cavern and defeating King Dodongo. Darunia is so pleased that he declares Link his brother, gives Link the Goron's Ruby and names his son Link. Adult Links helps him again in defeating Volvagia. Never forget Darunia and Link are true Brothers.

Ruto the Water Sage: Ruto the Zora is the Fourth sage you meet as adult Link and the Zora Princess.Ruto gives Link the Water Medallion. Young Link helps Ruto cure Jabu Jabu and she gives him the Zora's sapphire which means for her that they are now engaged. As adult Link the Zoras are frozen and Ruto, with Shiek's help, tries to cure everyone. Link finishes the Water Temple and she awakens as a sage. Ruto tells Link to thank Shiek.

Impa the Shadow Sage: Impa from the Sheikah tribe is the fifth sage adult Link meets. She gives Link the Shadow Medallion. Impa is Zelda's caretaker and she was born in Kakariko village. Impa goes the the Shadow Temple to lock up a creature and Link goes to help her. Impa tells Link to look out for the Princess.

Nabooru the Spirit Sage: Nabooru the Gerudo is the sixth sage you meet as adult Link. She give Link the Spirit Medallion. Nabooru was leader of the Gerudos before Ganondorf but she does not like him. As young Link Nabooru asks Link to get gauntlets so she can steal from Ganondorf to sabotage his mission. When Links goes to give them to her she is attacked by the Twins Kotake and Koume. She awakens as a sage when Link defeats Twinrova. Nabooru says to Link If only i knew you would become a handsome man.

Zelda the Sage of Wisdom: Zelda is the final sage and leader of the sages.Young Link meets her spying on Ganondorf. She later gives Link the Ocarina of Time in an attempt to stop Ganondorf of getting to the sacred realm. It fails and Link awakens seven years later so see Zelda disguised as Sheik. As Sheik she teaches Link songs and guides him till she reveals her identity at the Temple of Time. Link goes to Ganon's castle to save her where all of the sages help Link. After Link delivers the Final Blow she and the other sages seal Ganon in the Realm. Zelda takes Link to his own time and they meet again at children.

2) Before time three Goddesses created the world:
Din the Goddess of Power created the earth
Naryu the Goddess of Wisdom created order
Farore the Goddess of Courage created the inhabitants
Upon leaving the world they left behind the Triforce which would grant wishes of the possessor.

Hylia is the Goddess entrusted to protect the Triforce. During her Era, Demise tried to take over the world so Hylia sent all the humans and the Triforce in a plot of land and sent them to the sky. Hylia and the other races battled Demise and won sealing him away. She was reincarnated as Zelda.

Rauru the Hylian Light Sage
Saria the Kokiri Forest Sage
Darunia the Goron Fire Sage
Ruto the Zora Water Sage
Impa the Shiekah Shadow Sage
Nabooru the Gerudo Spirit Sage
Princess Zelda the Hylian Wisdom Sage. Leader of the Sages

4) I would like to be Darunia the Fire Sage. I really like him and I enjoyed the Fire temple. I think he is funny and I like how he named his child after Link. Nabooru is good too. I loved the Spirit Temple!
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