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 Sage Applications

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PostSubject: Re: Sage Applications   Sage Applications - Page 2 EmptyFri Jun 08, 2012 3:23 pm

1) What are the 7 sages;
They are ancient protectors of Hyrule and the Sacred Realm.
Each sage gave the Hero of Time 1 medallion each, representing their race and element.

Each sage info;
A note first, Each sage take the Form of someone that Cared allot for that race / element and tried to protect it, but died trying, thous the sages keeps their memories and feelings.

The First sage we meet is the Sage of Light - Raru.
The first meeting though do not happen in the chamber of Sages, but he appear as the Owl that guide link as a small child.

The second sage we meet is the Sage of Forest - Saria,
Links childhood friend that tried to save the forest, she was awakened after link cleared the Forest of evil.

The Third Sage we meet is the Sage of Fire - Darunia,
Links Sworn Brother after defeating Dodongo's (i think thats its name, i forget ). He died trying to get rid of the fire dragon Volvagia, that gannon placed in the Fire temple to feed on Gorons.

The Forth Sage we meet is the Sage of Water - Ruto.
A Zora that were saved by link as child and promised him to marry him.
Though When the Zora's Domain froze down she went looking for what that could be the cause of this.
She is found in the water temple and she tries to defeat the boss but dies if we follow my logic

The Fifth Sage we meet is the Sage of Shadows - Impa.
We first meet Impa as Zeldas Guardian and Teaching her how to be a Sheik.
Unlike all other Sages we do not meet her as an adult, except as Sage.
Though we hear that she went in to the temple of Shadows to try to fend of the Monster.

The Sixth Sage we meet is the Sage of Spirits - Nabooru.
We first meet her as a child because our route is blocked as adult.
We Get the Iron Gloves, and she is trapped by the Twin Witches.
We meet her again as adult, and she is mind controlled by the witches, though when we get all the armor off her she wake up from the spell, though she is dragged down by another spell, and most likely die by resisting the witches.

The Seventh Sage we meet is the Leader of the Sages, The Sage of Time - Zelda.
We first meet Zelda in her castle, where she give us our Quest.
When we had obtained all 3 of the Spirutal Stones and walk back to the City we see her fleeing with Impa.
She tosses Link the Occarina of Time and We use that to get the Master Sword.
We later then meet her as Sheik teaching us all the songs we need to each Temple, and she reveals her self as Zelda when we have collected all 6 Sage medallions. Just being able to activate Links Triforce of Courage and give us the Arrows of Light before Gannon Takes her away.
We Save the Day, and she uses Her Own Powers, to Send us back to our own time, to live the life we missed by the Master Sword.

Yes i know we "Meet" the sages in a different order, but this is the order we meet them as Actual Sages.
We meet them as more "ordinary" people in this order;
Saria - Raru - Zelda - Impa - Darunia - Ruto - Nabooru

2) What are the goddess's names and what is each the goddess of?
Before time began, before spirits and life existed...Three golden goddesses descended upon the chaos that was Hyrule...

Din, Goddess of Power... With her strong flaming arms cultivated the land and created the red earth.

Farore, Goddess of Courage... With her rich soul produced all the life forms who would uphold the law.

Nyru, Goddess of Wisdom... Poured her wisdom onto the Earth and gave the spirit of law to the world.

3) What types of sages are there;
Look in answer 7.1 xD
Sage of Light,
Sage of Forest
Sage of Fire,
Sage of Water,
Sage of Shadows,
Sage of Spirit,
The Leader of the Sages; The Sage of Time.
4) Which Sage would you like to be, and why?:

The Sage of Spirit,
Reasson ; 1. its Open =3
2. I got the Spirit to Create the Land in the Shape that i should be.
aka make temples etc.
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PostSubject: Re: Sage Applications   Sage Applications - Page 2 EmptyMon Jun 11, 2012 9:42 pm

Re-posting Sage Application for candidacy.

7 Sage Council application (1 spot open)

1) What are the 7 sages?:
-The Sages have done many things through out the Zelda Timeline but the main one would be the protection of Hyrule and of the Scared Realm which houses the Triforce.
-They are the makers and guardians of the Master Sword, and the Temple of Time.
-In ALTTP there where 7 Wise Men, who are ancestors to the seven Sages, helped seal Ganon away in the Scared Realm. Preventing him from conquering the Light World or Hyrule.(Also the manual says Hylians forged the Master Sword, but obviously link did.)
-In TP the seven Sages still look like Wise Men, but each hold a symbol that represents the theme and attributed element from Oot. (It is also mentioned the Sages created the Master Sword.)
-In Oot the 7 Sages are each associated a elemental theme and temple along with different medallions representing each one. Most of them needed help to awaken into there position as Sage.
-In WW there are two other sages that aren't of the 7, but they seem to be relevant to the creation of the Master Sword, as they are needed for the blade to keep its 'power to repel evil'.
(Strangely enough in SS The Hero of Time seems to forge the True Master Sword, but the Goddess Blade was most likely made by Hylia herself along with the Sages, as there symbols are in the Temple of Hylia.)

2) What are the goddess's names and what is each the goddess of?:
-Din is the Goddess of Power and creator of the land.In OoS Din is the Oracle of Season and appears as a popular dancer. In MC she gives charm that increase attack.
-Nayru is the Goddess of Wisdom and creator of the laws that governs the land. In OoA Nayru is the Oracle of Ages, and in appears as a popular singer. In MC she gives charm that increases defense.
-Farore is the Goddess of Courage and creator of life that inhabit the land and upholds the laws. In both OoS & OoA Farore is the Oracle of Secrets she appears to be a writer.(but am not sure) In MC gives charm that increases both attack and defense but are weaker.
(Note: That the OoS, OoA and MC Din, Nayru, and Farore are not the Goddess but human Oracles with there names, I felt that they should be mention though.)

3) What types of sages are there (e.g. the fire sage)?:
-The Sage of (Destiny, Time, Hylia.. ect), Zelda a Hylian of the Royal Family.
-The Sage of Light, Raru a Hylian.(I assume he is)
-The Sage of Forest, Saria a Kokri.
-The Sage of Fire, Darunia a Gorgon.
-The Sage of Water, Ruto a Zora.
-The Sage of Shadow, Impa a Sheikah.
-The Sage of Spirit, Nabooru a Gerudo.
(-The Sage of Earth, was Laruto a Zora, is Medli a Rito.)
(-The Sage of Wind, was Fado a Kokri, is Makar a Korok.)

4) Which Sage would you like to be, and why?:
I'd like to be The Sage of Spirit because it is currently opened. Heck maybe I'll build a huge statue in the middle of the desert, or a female only fortress. Suspect

Also should I post this on MC Forums?

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PostSubject: Re: Sage Applications   Sage Applications - Page 2 EmptyTue Jun 12, 2012 7:10 pm

1) What are the 7 sages?
In most games they seem to like sealing evil, protecting Hyrule and guarding significant items.

In A Link to the Past I'm not sure if they are reffered to as "Sages" specifically but there are at least seven people of significance who seal the sacred realm and protect it from the likes of Gannon. (It's been awhile since I've played ALttP)

In Twilight Princess Le Sages are given the responsibility of protecting the Mirror of Twilight. Which is the only link between the light and twilight realm.

In Ocarina of Time they play a bigger role, they each correspond to a different "Element" and color. After "awakening" each sage you receive a medallion from each, save for Zelda, and after defeating Gannon they seal him away much to his displeasure.

There are two/4 more people called sages in Wind Waker. They are the Earth and Wind? The Old sages which were a Kokiri by the name of Fado and a Zora by the name of Laruto. Anyway they are succeeded by Medli and Makar respectively.

You can see Six Sages from OoT in stained glass form in the room where the Master Sword is kept, along with their "Symbols".

Oh! I should also mention that while I don't think they are reffered to as sages there are 7 "Maidens", Zelda being one of them, that you have to save from Vaati. They also make an appearance in LttP and are said to be "Descendants of the 7 Sages".

2) What are the goddess's names and what is each the goddess of?

Din, hosts the server.
Nayru, administrates and hosts the clan forum.
Farore, keeps the MCForum Op up to date.

Hmm? Oh! Right:

Din, Godess of Power, created the red earth.
In OoT you can get Din's Fire which represents power by incinerating all nearby foes.

Nayru, Godess of Wisdom, Created the law that governs the creatures that live on the earth Din created.
In OoT you can get Nayru's Love, which represents wisdom by shielding you from foes.

Farore, Godess of Courage, created the life forms that inhabit Din's earth and uphold Nayru's laws.
In OoT you can get Farore's Wind. This item represents courage by giving you the ability to... teleport... from... danger... *scratches head* or for inter-dungeon travel... umm...

The three are mentioned or referenced in many games in the series such as Wind Waker, Oracle of Ages/Seasons, there are characters by the same names and colors respectively in Minish Cap, they are mentioned in Twilight Princess, and in Skyward Sword as well.

3) What types of sages are there (e.g. the fire sage)?
Types? Oh all kinds, there's short ones, child ones, fish humanoid ones...

Raru, Hylian, Sage of Light

Saria, Kokiri, Sage of the Forest

Darunia, Goron, Sage of Fire

Princess Ruto, Zora, Sage of Water

Impa, Sheikah, Sage of Shaddow

Nabooru, Gerudo, Sage of Spirit

Princess Zelda, Hylian, Sage of Time(?)

Then Le Wind Waker ones

Fado/Makar, Kokiri/Korok, Former Wind Sage/Current Wind Sage

"Laruto"/Medli , Zora/Rito, Former Earth Sage/Current Wind Sage

4) Which Sage would you like to be, and why?:
Spirit, because it's open. If I don't get this one I'll gladly take any other that opens in the future.
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Sage Applications
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